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We are travelling daily through Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg in order to assist and advice our customers. The process industry is our main field of expertise, where we are mainly working in filtration (dustfilters, gas cleaning and solids/fluids separation) and in paper industry (rolls, roll covers, doctoring systems, drives, lubrication etc.)

Our suppliers are highly respected producers of machine parts and components which will allow your machines to do what they are supposed to do. All the information on these products and suppliers, you will find on our website.

These are our main fields of expertise

Filtermaterials, needle felt, beltfilter, supportcages, spare parts. Also: Service, laboratory investigations, installations, maintenance, or supply and installation of a complete new filter installation.

Besides the filtration technology, we are active in continuous processes such as paper-, steel-, plastic foil-, vinylindustry etc. For these machines we supply doctoring systems, rolls and roll covers, machine components, slitters etc.

The choice is yours

Paper industry

Wat wij voor u kunnen betekenen

Ons bedrijf is een industriële service – en verkooporganisatie, reeds meer dan 40 jaar actief in de BENELUX industrie.
Onze klanten zijn producenten van papier, karton, plastic, staal en nog veel meer. Wij leveren machineonderdelen, probleemoplossingen, projecten, consumabels voor veel verschillende toepassingen.

Our agencies

These are the suppliers of the services and products that we can offer. Choose a logo and go directly to the according website, or look around on our website.

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