Needlefelt, support cages, service and complete new filter installations

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Gas cleaning, dust filtration, product (powder) filtration etc. The qualified and experienced mechanics from Kayser Filtertech are always on the road for installations, maintenance and repairs of industrial filter installations.



Kayser is manufacturer of needlefelt and woven textiles for applications in the industrial filter installations. The cloth is produced on roll and afterwards cut and sewn to fit the correct and specific application. High end (high temperature resistant) materials are used in gas cleaning for incinerators. More common synthetic fibres can be used for dust filtration. The support cages for the filter bags are also produced in the Kayser factory. The TASK-department is responsible for installation and service on-site.

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This very experienced company is mainly manufacturing gas- and aircleaning systems for industrial processes. Garant builds installations for casting processes, asphalt and cement industry, non-ferro metals and aluminum industries and more.

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Besides Garant-Filter, there are another four suppliers of installations for airtechnics, heat recovery systems etc. in this group of companies. They all are focused on assisting customers in order to help them making their processes cleaner, more environmentally friendly and to save energy.

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